Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just wanting to write something

It was a busy weekend, but nice.  Well, my intention was for it to be nice, but sometimes what we intend and what actually happens are two different things.  I am choosing to remember the good parts, though: having a picnic in the park, hiking in the Boise foothills, visiting with Barb and Howard, those I the things I am choosing to remember.

So, on to the work week.  Here I am at work again, with so much to do.  The weather is suppose to be beautiful today.  I wish I was nearer to a window so I could actually see it.  I guess I have to trust that it is nice outside. 

We've been watching "Cosmos" on Sunday nights.  I am really glad that Ethan is paying attention and seems to look forward to us all sitting down and discussing it.  It's still a little beyond Corinne. 

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tbone said...

That's a really good way to think of this weekend. The good parts were really good, and the other parts are best left forgotten.

And above all else, I'm really glad to see you writing again. Keep it up!